Saskatchewan has more than 19,000 dedicated coaches in the community. Whether you are a volunteer coach, parent coach, a teacher who coaches, a professional coach or have coached in the past, a Coaches Association of Saskatchewan subscription is for you.

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A Coaches Association of Saskatchewan subscription provides:

Knowledge. Be connected to and with other coaches in the province by being in the know about what is happening in sport, coach education and information.

Development. Coaches are life-long learners. CAS offers opportunities for personal and professional development to help coaches fine tune their craft, and subscribers will receive information of all upcoming event.

Connections. A basketball coach likely has similar questions to a badminton coach! Sharing resources, advice from colleagues, there is no better place to find your answer than with other like-minded individuals!

The Benefits?

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First-hand knowledge of Coaches Association of Saskatchewan classes, webinars and education opportunities.

A quarterly newsletter delivered to your inbox with exclusive information on classes, coaching innovations, funding, resources and more.

Access to exclusive coach development grant opportunities.

Access to a community of like-minded coaches through planned knowledge sharing events and socials.

Join us in our belief that Everyone Deserves A Qualified Coach.



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