About the Indigenous Coaches and Officials Program

Saskatchewan has a thriving community of Indigenous athletes who compete across the country and around the globe. These athletes are an inspiration to all young people to get involved in sport. At every level of participation, opportunities would not be possible without volunteer coaches and officials.

The program consists of:

(Note: other coaching or officials training initiatives not listed above may be considered).

Participation is free.

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Randi Keshane
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Congratulations to Rhys McAlpine (figure skating) and Mike Dumais (badminton) on being selected as Saskatchewan’s coaches for the Aboriginal Apprentice Coach Program at the 2023 Canada Winter Games in Prince Edward Island.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) is responsible for the overall development of its sport, from grassroots to high performance. There are 65 PSOs in Saskatchewan. PSOs train athletes, coaches and officials, provide professional guidance, ensure safety, provide insurance, set rules, raise money, and acquire sponsorships in support of their organization and members. The purpose of PSOs is to foster, develop, promote and regulate the playing and officiating of their sport.

Full list of PSOs in Saskatchewan


ICOP funds the following programs:

  • NCCP Community Sport, Competition and Instruction modules
  • NCCP Aboriginal Coaching Modules
  • NCCP Sport Specific Clinics
  • Officials Clinics

For a list of multi-sport clinics in your region, please contact your local Sport, Culture and Recreation District. For multi-sport clinics hosted by the Coaches Association of Saskatchewan (CAS) in Saskatoon and Regina, visit the NCCP Upcoming Events listing.

Each pathway to become a nationally certified coach is different for each sport. To find out your pathway visit the What Do You Need section of the CAS website. Additional information can be provided by the Provincial Sport Organization.

For help setting up a clinic in your area, please contact your Sport, Culture and Recreation District. In Saskatoon or Regina, contact your PSO for sport-specific clinics. For multi-sport clinics currently scheduled by CAS consult the Upcoming Courses calendar.