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Overview of CAS

The Coaches Association of Saskatchewan (CAS) is a membership organization of coaches managed by a volunteer board of directors representing all aspects of coaching. As a member of Sask Sport Inc., CAS is eligible to receive grants from the Sport Section of the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund. These grants combined with self-help revenues are used for managing coaching programs and services in Saskatchewan for all coaches from all sports and for the administrative costs for the office, staff and programs.

The Coaches Association of Saskatchewan (CAS) was incorporated as a provincial non-profit organization in 1990. In the early years its purpose was to act as a representative voice for coaches in Saskatchewan. In 1993, with the decision by the Provincial Government to withdraw from sport programming, CAS's role expanded to act as the Province's representative body for coaching and at that time took on the promotion, administration and delivery role for the NCCP multi-sport modules (Theory) in Saskatchewan. In 1997, the association's role once again expanded to include all levels of coaching and initiatives related to coaching development. CAS is identified as the "Provincial Partner" to the Coaches Association of Canada (CAC) and acts as a liaison to CAC regarding coaching issues programs and developments in Saskatchewan.

A leader in coach development and recognition providing quality programs & services to Saskatchewan coaches at all levels. We are the voice for coaching in Saskatchewan and a dynamic organization whose efforts have a positive impact on the overall sport experience.

A not-for-profit amateur sport organization which strives to enhance the development and recognition of Saskatchewan coaches at all levels through the delivery of quality programs and services.

The Coaches Association of Saskatchewan believes...

  • in holding ourselves accountable for our actions
  • that funding and program decisions should be made with the individual coach in mind (coach centered)
  • in the pursuit of personal and organizational excellence
  • in striving to be fair in all our dealings with members & stakeholders
  • in maintaining dignity and upholding our values in all actions
  • in fostering goodwill in all our relationships
  • in being responsive to our members needs & concerns
  • in supporting all aspects of the coaching community
  • that every athlete deserves a NCCP coach
  • that quality coaching has a positive impact on the overall sport experience of athletes

Strategic Areas of Emphasis

  1. Advocacy
    Strategic Goal:
    To act as the voice for coaches in Saskatchewan.

  2. Awareness
    Strategic Goal:
    To establish the Coaches Association of Saskatchewan as the recognized leader for coaching in Saskatchewan.

  3. Membership Service
    Strategic Goal:
    To establish a stable membership of coaches that is well informed, engaged and benefits from our programs and services.

  4. Program Delivery
    Strategic Goal:
    To coordinate training, development & recognition opportunities which benefit all coaches from all sports.

  5. Organization Effectiveness
    Strategic Goal:
    To maintain organizational effectiveness through sound planning, effective management, fiscal responsibility and sufficient capacity.
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