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NCCP Competition - Introduction

The Competition - Introduction context is designed for coaches of athletes moving from the FUNdamentals to the Learn to Train and Train to Train stages of long-term athlete development.

The Multi-sport modules that are available for this context are:

  • Competition - Introduction Part A
    o Making Ethical Decisions (MED)
    o Planning a Practice
    o Nutrition

  • Competition - Introduction Part B
    o Teaching and Learning
    o Design a Basic Sport Program
    o Basic Mental Skills

Note: Coaches can participate in individual modules that are packaged as part of a Part A or B workshop.

2018 Schedule

October 19Make Ethical DecisionsRegina
October 20Nutrition & Plan a PracticeRegina
October 26Make Ethical DecisionsSaskatoon
November 16Make Ethical DecisionsRegina
November 23Make Ethical DecisionsSaskatoon
November 24Nutrition & Plan a PracticeSaskatoon
December 5Make Ethical DecisionsSaskatoon
December 11Make Ethical DecisionsRegina

To register online, visit http://www.coach.ca



To request a Multi-sport workshop in your area, please contact your local District for Sport, Culture and Recreation.

Saskatchewan Districts for Sport, Culture and Recreation Map


District Contacts

Southeast Connection Sport, Culture and Recreation District
Kirsten Regel (306) 780-9814
South West District for Culture, Recreation and Sport
Anne Weisgerber (306) 662-3242 (306) 662-2131
Parkland Valley Sport, Culture & Recreation District
Erin Sobkow (306) 786-6585 (306) 782-0474
Prairie Central District for Sport, Culture and Recreation
Jaret Dezotell (306) 726-2087 ext 2 (306) 726-2052
Rivers West District for Sport Culture & Recreation
Bonnie Mills Midgley (306) 248-3518 (306) 248-3484
Lakeland District for Sport Culture & Recreation
Lyle Campbell (306) 953-1623 (306) 953-1624
Northern Sport, Culture and Recreation District
Ryan Karakochuk (306) 688-2122 (306) 688-2123
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