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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Where can I find sport specific information on upcoming coaching clinics?
A: There are 63 number of Provincial Sport Governing Bodies in Saskatchewan. The purpose of provincial sport governing bodies (PSGBs) is to foster, develop, promote and regulate the playing and officiating of their sport. Provincial sport organizations provide professional guidance, ensure safety, provide insurance, set rules, raise money, acquire sponsorships and train athletes, coaches and officials. A PSGB is responsible for the overall development of its sport, from grassroots to high performance. To find information on upcoming sport clinics please click HERE.

Q:What Aboriginal Coaches and Officials Programs are funded?
A: Click HERE to find out what programs are funded.

Q:What clinics are coming up?
A: Please contact your local district coordinator or click HERE for our events / upcoming clinics calendar.

Q:What are the requirements to become certified?
A: For information on becoming a nationally certified coach, click HERE or contact your sports Provincial Sport Governing Body.

Q:What Sport, Culture and Recreation district am I located in?
A: Click HERE for the provincial map to find out which district you are in.

Q:Who is my Sport, Culture and Recreation district coordinator/contact?
A: Click HERE to find their contact information on their district website.

Q:Who do I contact to set up a clinic in my Community:
A: The Aboriginal Coaches and Officials Program can work with communities to help set up Coaching and Officiating Clinics. For help setting up a clinic in your area please contact your Sport, Culture and Recreation Districts or contact Greg Perreaux at (306) 780-9313.

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